Workshop tutors 2008/09

Zemira Alajbegović PečovnikZemira Alajbegović Pečovnik
She received her degree in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. From 1982 to 1988 she was leading member of multimedia group FV 112/15 and Disco FV. In the 80’s, she co-founded the independent video production FV video. Between 1983 and 1989, she was member of the group Borghesia. In the 90’s, she was active in the frame of the tandem ZANK (together with Neven Korda). She is author of numerous documentaries, music clips, dance videos, TV TV programmes on arts and culture and video films. Her latest works include the documentaries Between Four Walls and Time Slices that were presented at numerous international festivals, as well as the music clip Vortex. She is currently preparing a documentary film Invisible Territory on Marko Peljhan and a short film Quickly/Slowly. She collaborated on the project Videodocument and in the preparation of programmes on video art in Slovenia. She works as free-lance artist, director and journalist.

Andreas BroeckmannAndreas Brockmann
Dr. Andreas Broeckmann holds a PhD in Art History from the University of East Anglia, Norwich/UK (1995), and lives in Berlin/Germany. He lectures internationally about the history of modern art, media theory, machine aesthetics, and digital culture, and has curated exhibitions and festivals in major European venues. He is the artistic director of ISEA2010RUHR, and is working on a study about 20th century machine art.

Branislav DimitrijevićBranislav Dimitrijević (1967)
Art historian, critic and curator. He received his degree in Art History at the University of Belgrade and received his M.A. in 1995 in History and Theory of Art at the University of Kent, under the mentorship of Professor Stephen Bann.
He publishes texts on contemporary art and politics in Serbia in local and international magazines and catalogues. In 1996, he edited Pop Visions, a book on the interpretation of popular images. He writes essays for catalogues of numerous artists, among other, Zoran Naskovski, Milica Tomić, Zdravko Joksimović, pRT.

Together with Branislava Anđelković, he was curator and catalogue editor of numerous exhibitions: among other, A Room With Maps (1995), Murder1(1997), Beauty and Terror (1998) and Overground (1998). He is one of co-founders of the School for History and Theory of Art in the Contemporary Arts Centre-Belgrade. He was director of the Department of Education and Documentation of the Contemporary Arts Centre in Belgrade.
From 1999 on, he teaches on conceptual art and image perception. He also taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and the Michaelis School of Arts in Cape Town. He participated in conferences and discussion in Canterbury, Stockholm, Innsbruck, Ljubljana, Skopje, Oslo…

Eda ČuferEda Čufer
Dramaturg, curator and writer. Her texts on theatre, dance, visual arts, culture and politics have been published in numerous publications at home and abroad.

In the 80’s, she collaborated as dramaturg with the director Dragan Živadinov. In 1983, she was co-founder of the Theatre of Sisters of Scipion Nasica. In the 90’s, she collaborated as dramaturg with choreographer Iztok Kovač and his dance company En-Knap as well as with director Marko Peljhan in the frame of Project Atol. Between 1991 and 1999, she collaborated as dramaturg with the group IRWIN on projects that dealt with a new perception and understanding of relations between the West and the East in the period of post-Socialism. In the frame of these projects, she was editor of numerous books and catalogues: NSK Moscow Embassy: How the East Sees the East, 1992; Transnacionala: Highway Collisions Between East and West at the Crossroads of Art, 2000; Interpol: The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West, 2001. She co-curated the exhibitions: In Search of Balkania, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria, 2002 and Call me Istanbul, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2004 (both together with Roger Conover and Peter Weibl).

Neven KordaNeven Korda
Studied Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. From 1982 to 1989 he was the leading member of the theatre group FV 112/15, as well as the Disco FV and the band Borghesia, where he was in charge of the visuals and director of their video clips. In the 80’s, he co-founded the independent production house FV Video that produced numerous artistic, music and documentary video projects. In the 90’s, he continued his creation in the field of artistic video together with Zemira Alajbegović (ZANK) and also worked as video editor, author of TV programmes, director and executor. He is currently entirely dedicated to video: he is the head of independent Pure Video Practice. More at:

Ženja LeilerŽenja Leiler
Is a journalist working for the daily newspaper Delo.


Tanja Lesničar PučkoTanja Lesničar Pučko


Miško ŠuvakovićMiško Šuvaković
Born in 1954 in Beograd. He has been co-founder and member of conceptual artistic Group 143 (1975-1980). He was co-founder and member of informal theoretic and artistic institution “Community for Space Investigation” (1982-1989). He is member of theoretical platform TkH (Walking Theory, from 2000). He teaches aesthetics and theory of art, Faculty of Music, Belgrade (Professor). He teaches theory of art and theory of culture, Interdisciplinary studies, University of Art Belgrade. He published 25 books on Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and English language – recent books are: Impossible Histories, The MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2003; Pojmovnik suvremene umjetnosti, Horetzky, Zagreb, 2005, Konceptualna umetnost, MSUV, Novi Sad, 2007.