Participants: 2nd Semester

Yasmín BrikYasmín Brik
Although born in Slovenia, Yasmin Martín Vodopivec spent most of her life in Spain. She graduated in Slavic languages, department of Russian language and literature at the Complutense University in Madrid. Her professional career began in Slovenian A + A Gallery in Madrid, where she worked for two years. After a long period she spent in Russia, she returned to Slovenia two years ago and became head of the cultural program of the Spanish Embassy in Ljubljana. She upgraded her skills with postgraduate studies in international cooperation and cultural management and a master degree in management of cultural institutions and enterprises at the University of Barcelona.

Ana GroblerAna Grobler
Painter Ana Grobler is a postgraduate student of video at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In the academic year 2009/10 she got a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture. Ana Grobler has exhibitions at home and abroad and has received several nominations and awards for her work. She collaborates in the international feminist and queer festival Red Dawns in Ljubljana as a member of the selection of visual art program and she is an assistant in the Alkatraz Gallery. In 2009 she curated the first exhibition of Slovenian feminist art in the frame of the festival Red Dawns in the SCCA’s Project Room. She is also a member of the working group of Postaja DIVA, Digital intermedia video archive (SCCA-Ljubljana).

Iva KovačIva Kovač (1983)
Born in Split. She spent her childhood in Maribor. In 2008 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she received an award for best thesis. During her studies she got a scholarship at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA), she worked at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, participated in a workshop at the Dana Perjovschog Summer Academy in Salzburg. After graduating, she attended an experimental curatorial program Kustoska platforma in Zagreb, worked for a multimedial theater group Bacači sjenki and participated in the residential program SAP2009 in the Republic of Korea, where she organized a series of lecture and issued a website Art&Market with Elvis Hamburg.

Špela PavliŠpela Pavli (1982)
She graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor (tutor prof. Petra Varl). In 2005 she participated in the student exchange in the Czech Republic (Art Centre, Olomouc). In 2008 she enrolled in postgraduate studies of Theory and philosophy of visual culture at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper, (tutor prof. Aleš Erjavec). In 2009 she successfully completed a seminar in writing about contemporary art (SCCA – Ljubljana). She explores issues of contemporary art and philosophy through the artistic work that is associated with traditional and new media artistic techniques through writing and thinking. Currently working as a program assistant in the Centre of culture Delavski dom Trbovlje.

Lara PlavčakLara Plavčak (1987)
Born in 1987 in Celje. In 2006 she enrolled the study of Art history at the Faculty of Arts and a year later parallel study of Culturology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In the period between 2008 and 2009 she has been writing regularly for Kinotečnik and so far she has also published her articles in the journal Dialogi (2009), in Likovne besede (2009) and in Delo’s supplement Pogledi (2010). From 2008 she is helping with the archives of the SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts. Currently studying in Ljubljana.

Vladimir VidmarVladimir Vidmar (1982)
Born in Rijeka. He graduated from philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He is finishing a parallel study of art history. Since 2008 he is an external collaboraor of the City Museum of Ljubljana, he has participated in the professional graduate traineeships abroad (Peggy Guggenheim Collection). He is also involved in translating.


Asta VrečkoAsta Vrečko (1984)
Born in Celje. She graduated in Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In 2009 she enrolled in doctoral study of Humanities and social sciences – department of Art history (Slovenian art from the thirties of the 20th Century). She deals with the intertwining of politics and the arts, particularly interested in the ideological world views of artists and reflections in their work. During her studies she was a member of the Senate at Faculty of Arts and President for two years of the Association of Students of art history Kunsthisterik. From 2008 she is attending the Reading seminar Transformations in art within the DPU. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Mojca ZaložnikMojca Založnik (1978)
Born in Ljubljana. She graduated in microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty and artistic pedagogy at the Faculty of Education. She is concluding her Masters in Biology at the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana. In 2007 she enrolled in post graduate studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.