Miško Šuvaković: Theory and practice of art criticism

School for Curators and Critics of Contemporary Art
Season 13
1st Year (April–June 2010)

Workshop on writing about contemporary art
6. 6. 2010

The purpose of the workshop is to get acquainted with the history and theory of art critics and the practical tests in analysing the critic’s text. Lectures will be held in Serbian language.

The first part of the workshop Miško Šuvaković will devote to lecturing on the theory of texts in visual arts. There will be talk about manifestos, theories of artists, curatorial discourse, half-slang and media articles about contemporary art. Special attention will be given to the problem of the genre of »art« critics.

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to lectures on the institutional and cultural system of art in the early 21st Century. This part of the workshop will be devoted to discussions about artistic discourse, about artistic institutions, functions of projects, the status of original documents, the nature of networks and the relationship of contemporary art practice, global capitalism and global criticism.


Sunday, June 6, 2010
11.00-14.00h: Textual practice and visual arts
14.00-16.00h: Lunch break
16.00-19.00h: Discourse analysis of Art at the beginning of a new century

The workshop will be held in Serbian language.