Collaborations 2011/2013

During the last two years, the fundamental characteristic of the World of Art has been its increasingly intensive involvement in the international art world. The school has of course been internationally oriented from the very start, having included numerous international lecturers and workshop mentors, and often also students from neighbouring countries. However, since 2010, we have managed to deepen previously sporadic or short-term collaborations, and through several years of co-operation, connect with similar and complementary European programmes. Together with Vienna, Krakow and Zürich postgraduate curatorial studies and Zagreb school for curators, we have thus established several parallel and intersecting platforms, enabling an in-depth exchange of knowledge on theoretical and practical education within the field of contemporary art. We have shared useful experience, (co)influenced programme development, and most importantly, connected different protagonists from the art world. This co-operation is also a matter of exchanging and becoming familiar with art practices relevant to individual contexts, and so ‘our’ lecturers visited Krakow, Zürich, Zagreb and Vienna, while we hosted visitors from Croatia, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. Equally important results of this co-operation are the connections and knowledge gained by course members/students (future curators and critics) who participated in our carefully prepared study excursions, where they were introduced to the art scene of individual cities. We helped them learn about good artistic practices, aroused their critical and analytical awareness with questionable approaches and connected them with their future colleagues – the curators and critics of upcoming generations.

Towards a Collaboration

World of Art launched a new collaboration titled Towards a Collaboration in August 2012. Partners are Master Fine Art of the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost (AKV/ St. Joost), featuring Second level study programme Art History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (participating in Scene Overview part).

Series of public lectures entitled Reflections and shifts in curatorial, critical and artistic practices are prepared in collaboration with Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory.

Leonardo Mobility

September 2010–June 2012

World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts is a partnership focused on vocational training of Curatorial Studies, Art Critical Studies, Museum Studies, and Art Journalism. The partnership intends to examine the best practices of vocational training strategies, methods and curriculum, developed by the partners.

The partnership, based on long-term educational experiences of all partners, is developing a vocational program for curators, critics and art journalists of contemporary arts. The vocational program consists of different activities (writing skills, production of exhibitions, critical readings, workshops, lectures, and study excursions) and ends with acquiring the certificate, which helps the learners to start operating in the art world. The learners will gain a specific, mostly practical knowledge for operating as curators, critics and art journalists of contemporary arts.

Furthermore the partnership will search for alternative models of art education, it will develop a joint curriculum and vocational reader and it will enhance cooperation and networking between cultural institutions in four countries that share similar experiences regarding their status within the international art market and the state of art education. It will build the space for long-term collaboration on both institutional levels (partners’ organizations and their staff) and individual levels (learners, lecturers and tutors).


  • ECM (Postgraduate educating, curating and managing studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna)
  • University Jagiellonski Krakov (Postgraduate museological curatorial studies)
  • KURZIV – platform for culture, media and society Zagreb; their website publishes news about our cooperation, their web portal is at the same time the official portal of the Leonardo Mobility project.

The project is funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci partnership).

ATOM2, A je TO! uMetnost, phAntom TO Mindset

January 2011–June 2012

ATOM2 project focuses on training future curators, cultural critics and journalists, the organization of their interaction, to exchange their best practices and experiences and to publishing their work. It offers a methodology, curriculum modules and support for future curators, cultural critics and journalists on reflecting on contemporary art so that it would no longer be a misunderstood phantom, but it would become commonplace in the mindset of the general public.

With partners from Switzerland and associated partners from Slovenia we will investigate, record, analyze and evaluate the curatorial and critical practices in both places, which will affect the development of necessary mechanisms of the art world.

The project includes the exchange of lecturers, study excursions, anthology Dilemmas of Curatorial Practices, special edition of internet magazine On-Curating and preparation of the exhibition Print! in International Centre of Graphic Arts Ljubljana.


Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

Lectures “Art of XX. Century. Chapters. “, prepared by Saša Nabergoj and Rebeka Vidrih, are created in cooperation with the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts and SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana.

In the context of the research and curatorial project Metka, whose purpose is to explore the history of the Metelkova City visual scene as well as the current visual productions, we collaborate with Alkatraz Gallery. For the 19th anniversary of the ACC Metelkova City we prepared A Mid-Stop – Overview of visual art scene in ACC Metelkova City (exhibitions, talks, workshops, open studios, interventions, screenings, performance), 6th–25th of September 2012.

The final exhibition of the school is prepared in cooperation with Škuc Gallery.

World od Art is present on web portal, where video documents of lectures about curatorial practices of contemporary art are published.