Towards a Collaboration


World of Art, SCCA–Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts

Master Fine Art of the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost (AKV/ St. Joost):

featuring Second level study programme Art History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (participating in Scene Overview part)

From August 2012, visit of St. Joost group in Ljubljana in April 2013.

The collaboration is experimental, taking into account differences in artistic mentalities, different contexts, situations, and limited working time.

The aim is to work together, which can happen in duos or in small groups. At the end of the week the presentations will take place. This is not about good or bad results, not about failure or success. The presentations can take any form or practice. The aim is to give an insight in the process.

  1. TEAM
  5. VIDEO


World of Art (WoA):
Students: Maja Alibegović, Maja Antončič, Lenka Đorojević, Jasna Jernejšek, Miha Kelemina, Nina Skumavc, Denis Volk
Head of the WoA: Saša Nabergoj
Mentors: Miran Mohar, Nevenka Šivavec
Advisor: Barbara Borčić
Coordinator: Simona Žvanut

Master Fine Art Academy of the Art and Design St. Joost (AKV/ St. Joost):
Students: Erik Boker, Una Bjork Sigurðardóttir, Giorgos Kontis, Daan Gielis, Eleni Elgogou, Tramaine de Senna, Gijs van Lith, Derek van der Vinne, Soo Hie Kim
Teachers: Thomas Bakker, Marjolijn Dijkman, Erik Hagoort, Bas van den Hurk, George Korsmit
Coordinator: Miriam Bestebreurtje

Second level study programme Art History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
9 students
Mentors: Saša Nabergoj, Rebeka Vidrih, Assist. PhD


  1. Exchange of portfolio’s: to satisfy first curiosity, getting an idea of backgrounds, work and interests.
  2. Skype dates: exchange of skype-addresses; for each the task to try to get at least twice in contact with at least one or two of the other group, just to get an impression.
  3. WoA students work towards the exhibition planed in April.St. Joost artists will follow what’s going on: a short weekly update by one of WoA curators (taking turns) by mail or skype, or on a blog or website, of what has happened, about who is doing what, what the exhibition is about and how it is developing.
  4. A reader was prepared for St. Joost artists to be read before their arrival. It was put together by WoA team in the end of March. The compilation of texts will equip them (at least partially) with knowledge on the specifics of the context, necessary to understand a bit better the artists’ works at the exhibition, and it could also be useful in deciphering the localities and internationalities of local art scene in general.


A: The “extra”
The WoA focus for the exhibition is on “fresh art” in Ljubljana, based on research and visits to artists’ studios. A format of how to involve artists, both, those from St. Joost and the exhibition, will be developed based on the similarity of their situation (a transitory state between education in a secure environment and entrance to the reality: the world of art). The WoA students/curators will connect them easily since they know them quite well. This would mean a good introduction to the Ljubljana art scene, which might lead to further collaboration, the topic that is of primary concern of the WoA exhibition as well.
Tasks for students: The WoA students prepare in advance (till the end of February) a list of artists who are willing to collaborate while the artists are encouraged to give their portfolios to St. Joost colleagues, which enable them to prepare in advance.

B: The other’s view
One or several sessions on the critical evaluation of the exhibition will be prepared in the gallery. It would be a nice opportunity to discuss the concept, its mounting and each particular artwork. As St. Joost students will be following the development of the exhibition already from February on, they could be well equipped to do it. Furthermore they will get familiar with the context via reader. For WoA it would also be a nice exercise in testing their statements and a possibility for another view at their curatorial work.
Tasks: Reader was prepared by WoA team in the end of March.

Reader: International Contemporary Art Network:

  • Rastko Močnik, East!, East Art Map (ed. IRWIN), London, 2006.
  • Inke Arns, Sylvia Sasse, Subversive Affirmation. On Mimesis as Strategy of Resistance, East Art Map (ed. IRWIN), London, 2006.

Weekly reports:

Overview of the scene
Study visits of selected contemporary art venues in Ljubljana have been an important part of the weekly program. We tried to organize a wide range of spaces and organizations, from off spaces to the museum of contemporary art; in each venue, the director or/and curator met us to present the particular concept and program and took us around the actual exhitibition.
Tasks: program and materials (texts, resumes of each venue and it concept) have been prepared by Art History students, designed by Adrijana Petrič.
Tutored by Saša Nabergoj.

Oveview of the scene (pdf, 15 MB)

Concluding Outcome
St. Joost students have been asked to prepare a critical overview, a statement, a commentary, one sentence, a drawing, a video essay … on WoA exhibition. The format of comments was left completely open.

Feedback Notes for WofA Curators (pdf, 16 MB)

The St. Joost & FF students and professors’ working week feedback report (in Slovene only)



Pasting of an Artwork, project of Una Bjork Sigurðardóttir, with: Lenka Đorojević, Jasna Jernejšek, Nika Rupnik, video: Jasna Jernejšek.

Program is for St. Joost, WoA and History of Art (HoA) students only, except the public lecture of Erik Hagoort (April 9, 2013) and presentation of collaborations of St. Joost & WoA students, Project room, SCCA–Ljubljana (April 12, 2013).

April 4, 2013
20.00 Opening of the exhibition »4. 4.«, Skuc Gallery, Stari trg 21
April 5, 2013
10.00–18.00 Overview of the scene with students of History of Art (HoA), meetings with curators
April 6, 2013
Overview of the scene, presentations of the venues by students of HoA
April 7, 2013
Solo visit of St. Joost students and HoA students of the exhibition »4. 4.«
April 8, 2013
11.00–12.00 Presentation of the Skuc Gallery by Vladimir Vidmar
12.00–13.00 St. Joost & WoA & HoA students discussion on the exhibition »4. 4.«, Skuc Gallery
13.00–15.00 Guided tour by the WoA curators, followed by discussion
April 9, 2013
10.00–12.00 SCCA presentation, Project Room, SCCA–Ljubljana, Metelkova 6
from 12.00 on Start of the working week of St. Joost & WoA students
19.00 Erik Hagoort, Diagonal Reciprocity. Thinking About Art Practices of Encounter, public lecture, Skuc Gallery, Stari trg 21
April 10, 2013
10.00–18.00 Working time, Project Room, SCCA–Ljubljana
April 11, 2013
10.00–11.30 George Korsmit, about the Rainbow Soul Club
11.30–18.00 Working time, Project Room, SCCA–Ljubljana
April 12, 2013
10.00–18.00 Working time, Project Room, SCCA–Ljubljana
19.00 Public presentations of collaborations of St. Joost & WoA students, Project Room, SCCA–Ljubljana