Series of lectures

School for Curators and Critics of Contemporary Art
Season 15
1st Year (October 2014–June 2015)

Saša Nabergoj and Rebeka Vidrih: Art XX. Century. Chapters.
10 lectures
Overview of artistic practices, trends, socio-political contexts and key shifts in the understanding, thematising, analysis and historical positioning of fine arts.

Barbara Borčić: Video as a tool and strategy of artistic expression.
2 lectures
Use of video as an expressive medium. Thematic overview of video production in Slovenia.

Saša Nabergoj: Dolce far Niente: The Praise of Laziness
In her lecture Dolce far Niente: The Praise of Laziness Saša Nabergoj will examine the 18th century, when people’s obsession with work and productivity began. The capitalist economic system was formed in the Enlightenment, and within this system rational discourse on work and economy emerged. At the same time, however, an alternative discourse celebrating laziness was established. In this discourse lie the roots of resistance to participation in a social project based on the work ethic, and the beginning of scepticism about the belief that productivity and the production of goods are the ultimate goals in life. The generally accepted circle of supply and demand fuelling the consumer society of the 21st century will be questioned with reference to several artists (f. e. Kazimir Malevič, Marcel Duchamp and Mladen Stilinović) in the history.