Miško Šuvaković: Theory and Practice of Art Critique

Laboratorium of Curatorial Practices
Season 10: 2006/07

Seminar – Workshop No.2

January 6 and 7, 2007
SCCA Project room, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

The aim of the workshop was to learn about the history and theory of art critique along with practical exercises in analysing and writing a critical text. The tutor’s work was conducted in Serbian.The first day of the workshop was dedicated to the analysis of contemporary history, theory and critique of art. The tutor has prepared an overview of major concepts and disciplines: recent art history, media analysis, discourse on spectacle, sex identities theory and hybrid arts & culture theories.

The second day of the workshop was dedicated to studying examples. Three segments were thoroughly examined:
1. The role of critical-theoretical analysis and discourse on contemporary art worlds;
2. Analysis of texts written by the participants prior to the workshop;
3. Concrete debate on the establishing of historical discourse.


January 6 (Saturday)

11.00-14.00: Contemporary histories, theories and critiques of art
14.00-16.00: Lunch break
16.00-19.00: The notion of hybrid art theories

January 7 (Sunday)

11.00-14.00: Critique of contemporary art between curatorial strategies and spectacle + analysis of texts by the participants
14.00-16.00: Lunch break
16.00-19.00: Analysis of Slovenian 20th-century art (constructing history)

Workshop participants:

Mojca Puncer (1972)
Born in Celje. She received her degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 1999. She is currently writing her PhD thesis on “Aesthetical Strategies of Slovenian Visual Arts in the 90’s”. In 2003 and 2004, she attended the Seminar on Writing on Contemporary Arts (SCCA-Ljubljana). In 2005 and 2006, she worked during the summer semester with students of Fine Arts Department at the Faculty for Pedagogy in Maribor. She occasionally lectures on the subject of art and science, mainly on subjects from the field of bio-art. She is publishing the results of her research and professional activities in various publications. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Mateja Stanislava Rot (1976)
Born in Kranj. She received her degree in Communicology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She is the recipient of the 2001 Prešeren Award for the quality of her graduate thesis entitled “The Voice and the Image in the movies of Bernardo Bertolucci”. She is currently studying at the Post-graduate programme Media Studies at Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH), a Post-graduate Humanistics school in Ljubljana. In 2006, she was attending post-graduate studies at the City University of London in the UK. She is also translator and junior collaborator of the magazine Art Words, author of texts in Muska magazine as well as collaborator of SCCA-Ljubljana.

Ida Hiršenfelder (1977)
Born in Kranj. In 2004/2005, she has completed the Course for curators (SCCA- Ljubljana). Since 2002, she is active as curator and co-curator within the frame of various exhibition projects (The Long March, Between Realism and Utopia, Neatly Dirty, China Soiree…). She organised or co-organised several international projects (Chinese Culture Month, Ljubljana; the seminar Too much flavour, Shanghai; www.orozje.com). She is publishing texts in various publications. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Vid Lenard (1974)
He received his degree in Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

Tina Jazbec (1975)

Miško Šuvaković - delavnica
Miško Šuvaković - delavnica
Miško Šuvaković - delavnica