Julian Stallabrass: Art Incorporated: Contemporary Art in a Neoliberal Climate

Laboratorium of Curatorial Practices
Season 11: 2007/08

Series of Lectures on Curatorial and Institutional Practices

November 15, 2007
SCCA Project room, Metelkova 6, Ljubljana

Contemporary art likes to think of itself as a zone of free expression that stands outside the instrumental demands of work and the vulgar uniformities of mass culture. At the same time, it has changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War, in both its global scope and its form, particularly in its embrace of photography and video. In this new climate, governed by neoliberal politics, the art world more closely reflects and is led by the powers-that-be than it admits.

Lecture has been organised in collaboration with Krtina Publishing House, the publisher of the Slovene translation of Stallabrass’s Contemporary Art to be available this November (editor Saša Nabergoj).

Julian Stallabrass is a writer, photographer and lecturer. He is Reader in art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, and is the author of Art Incorporated, Oxford University Press 2004, Internet Art: The Online Clash Between Culture and Commerce, Tate Publishing, London 2003; Paris Pictured, Royal Academy of Arts, London 2002; High Art Lite: British Art in the 1990s, Verso, London 1999 and Gargantua: Manufactured Mass Culture, Verso, London 1996; he is the co-editor of Ground Control: Tecnology and Utopia, Black Dog Publishing, London 1997, Occupational Hazard: Critical Writing on Recent British Art, Black Dog Publishing, London 1998, and Locus Solus: Technology, Identity and Site in Contemporary Art, Black Dog Publishing, London 1999. He has written art criticism regularly for publications including Tate, Art Monthly and the New Statesman. He is an editorial board member of New Left Review and Third Text.

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Julian Stallabrass - lecture
Julian Stallabrass - lecture
Julian Stallabrass - lecture