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Dušan Dovč (1973)
Born 1973, student of the final year of Slovene Language and Comparative Literature student at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Since 1997 he has been cooperating with art's magazine Emzin.

Jasna Jakšić (1976)
Born 1976 in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. After finishing her primary and secondary school in Zagreb she graduates from the Faculty of Arts - art history and italian languge writing her diploma, 'The Theory of Visual Poetry in Italian Neoavantgard' with her mentor prof. Mladen Machiedi. In 1995/96 she attends the Universita per stranieri in Perugia.

Jani Pirnat (1974)
Being student of the final year of Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, he specialized as tehnical assistant installing exibitions and scenographies: Modern Gallery Ljubljana; U3 (2000), Ulf Rollof (Fir Tree Project, 1995), Gustav Gnamuš (2000), Fran Kraševec (1995). Scenes: Summer Festival Križanke Ljubljana (Tango d,Amor, 2001). Occasionaly he works as a guide in galleries and museums (Leonardo da Vinci, 2000, Andy Warhol, 2001)
During the course for curators, organized by SCCA Ljubljana and on request of Tadej Pogačar he carried out the photography exibition Tansparent Miths of Viktor Rebernak in Galery P74, Ljubljana 2001.
Registrated as unemployed.

Anton Starc (1972)
Graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, comperative literature and history of art. Between 1999 and 2001 he was working in National Museum pedagogical curatorial department. At the moment he is teaching art history at the grammar school in Črnomelj and working as curator in Belokranjski muzej, Metlika.

Maša Tomadini (1970)
Graduated from the Faculty of Arts, art history in Videm, Italy. Between 1993 - 1996 she took part in several projects of foreign film association Kinoatelje, Gorica. Since 1999 she has been creating her alternative image in Ljubljana.

Jadranka Veljič (1957)
After her studies of english and french literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana she teaches English at primary school in Ljubljana. Employed as a stewardess with Adria Airways, national airline of Slovenia and studying the history of art at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

Jaka Železnikar (1971)
At the Faculty of Arts at Ljubljana University he is finishing his studies of general linguistics and south slavic languages. He was involved in a scientific project FIDA and was the first editor of online edition of Mladina (one of the major slovene independent political and life style magazine). He regularly writes for Mladina on net art and other topics of contemporary art.
As the author he is active mostly as net artist. He regularly participates on international festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art. The venues include Moderna galerija (Museum of Modern Art), Ljubljana and Institute of Contemporary Arts - ICA, London.
For last few years he is selector for net art at international art festival Break21.