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Urša Jurman (1973)
is an undergraduate in art history and the sociology of culture at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1995 to 1996, she participated in the preparations for three exhibitions at the ŠKUC Gallery. She was an assistant in the commercial exhibition Cash and Carry, co-curator of a group exhibition entitled Stvar dogovora/A Matter of Agreement in 1996 and assisted in the continuation of the Cash and Carry exhibition. She occasionally publishes reviews of art events on Radio Student.

Dunja Kukovec (1975)
is an undergraduate of art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She has worked as a tourist guide and assisted in the organisation of fashion shows and various conferences. In 1998, she was a Break 21 Festival selector. Dunja occasionally published reviews of art events.

Nataša Petrešin (1976)
is an undergraduate of comparative literature and art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She writes poetry and has had her poems published in Zofa, Mentor and Apokalipsa. She has participated in the organisation of Klub mladih/The Youth Club round-table discussions and exhibitions at the Cankarjev dom arts complex. Since 1997, she has written articles on contemporary art for the Nedelo weekly and Zofa. In 1998, Nataša led one of the architectural workshops organised within the framework of EASA 98 in Malta.

Bojana Piškur (1970)
graduated in art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She worked as a secondary school art history teacher for three years. In 1998, she was a selector at the international Break 21 Festival and assisted in the Body and the East exhibition organised by the Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art. Bojana is art director of the Alkatraz Gallery in the Metelkova arts complex.

Metka Vrečar (1969)
graduated in art history from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 1996. A year earlier she wrote for the Republika daily newspaper. Metka occasionally participates in the preparations for exhibitions mounted in the Krka Gallery. She is currently head of the art department at the Konzorcij bookshop.

Božidar Zrinski (1974)
A student of art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Božidar is a founding member of the Chair for Contemporary Art (Katedra za sodobno umetnost-KSU). He writes art reviews for Radio Marš, the Tribuna student newspaper, Zofa and the Večer newspaper. He has participated in the preparations for Klub mladih/The Youth Club exhibitions mounted at the Cankarjev dom cultural centre. Božidar is head of the art section of the MKZ Hoče society and art director of the MKZ Hoče exhibition programme.