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Alenka Pirman: Arcticae horulae, dictionary, 1995-1998

Alenka Pirman (1964). Artist and former administrator. Graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana (1989). Since 2004 works also as a member of The Society for Local Research.Lives and works in Ljubljana.

As we step into the field of other forms of social hygiene, or un-hygiene, we can not ignore the work by Alenka Pirman Arcticae horulae, based at first solely on an artist's private passion, resulting in a complex and influential art project. The collection was originally presented in the main reading room of the National and University Library of Ljubljana. The project, evolving, building, transforming for several years, was realized as part of the second part of Urbanaria, when it saw the publication of the Dictionary of words of German origin in the Slovene language. The dictionary is a collection of words of German origin in Slovene language which have, in the course of centuries, become part of the written language, their foreign origin becoming unclear, as many of them entered the colloquial discourse.
The words we find in the dictionary are mostly of perfect practical use in everyday life, a true witness of life of a language, which is always changing, completing, influencing and receiving influences. The Slovene language was marked by an unfortunate destiny in its very beginning, since it always had to fight for its existence, due to the small number of its users and its specific features. As a result, we are now preserving it and defending it from chsnges, purifying it from unwanted words.
Alenka Pirman finished the project symbolically, now she is working on an internet project Untied tongue - ordinary frazeological dictionary, which deals also with a living, street language, the only true indicator of the state of a language.

Individual exhibitions (selection):
2005 - The Case. Art and crime, methodological exhibition (with Biserka Debeljak), Mala galerija, Ljubljana
2002 - Clementine Deliss, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Alenka Pirman, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
1998 - Ecuador, Columbia. A travel-record exhibition of Alenka Pirman and Maja Šubic, Okrogli stolp Loškega muzeja, Škofja Loka
1995 - Arcticae horulae (Urbanaria), the central reading room of the National and University Library, Ljubljana
1993 - SK8 Museum, Likovni salon, Celje; Gallery Ivan Grohar, Škofja Loka
1991 - SK8 Museum, Galerry KC Ivan Napotnik, Velenje
1990 - Une chaise électrique, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

Group exhibitions (selection)
2005 - Front line, Inernational Biennale of Graphics, MGLC, Ljubljana
2004 - Seven Sins. Ljubljana - Moscow, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
Extramoenia 5, 5 locations in Tržič, Comune di Monfalcone - Assessorato alla Cultura
Expanded spaces of art. Slovene Art 1985-1995, Moderna galerija Ljubljana
2002 - Male and Female Hand-works, Mestna galerija Nova Gorica
2001 - Men, Galerija sodobne umetnosti Celje
Vulgata - Kunst aus Slowenien, NBK - Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
Eye and its reality. Spectacle and reality in Slovene art; Moderna galerija Ljubljana
2000 - Vulgata - U3, 3. triennale of Slovene contemporary art, Moderna galerija Ljubljana
Vulgata, Pavlova hiša, Potrna
1997 - U3, 2. trennale of Sovene contemporary art, Moderna galerija Ljubljana
For the quality of living, Gallery on Prušnikova 74, Ljubljana
1994 - Urbanaria, first part, National and University Library, Ljubljana

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