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Sašo Sedlaček: Picnic on a dump, video, 8:57 min, 2004

Sašo Sedlaček
Born 16.6.1974 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
-1993 finished the Secondary School for Photography and Design in Ljubljana
-1996-2000 studied Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana
Solo exhibitions:
2005 "Sky under Construction", Berlin, (Germany)
2005 "Copy China!", Likovni salon Celje, Celje (Slovenia)
2004 "Loop", Kapelica gallery , Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2003 "Just do it!" Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2001 "Biotope Condition", Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Selected group exhibitions:
2004 Exordium, Udine (Italia)
2004 Device art, Zagreb, (Croatia)
2004 Continental Breakfast, 45. October salon, Belgrade (Serbia and Monte Negro)
2004 Loop Pavilion ,Un desigh di carta, Feltre (Italia)
2004 Think Twice, Riciclo tra Arte, Design, Architettura, San Dona di Piave (Italia)
2003 Friendly fire, Forum Stadtpark, Graz (Austria)
2002 Shock society, Finžgar Gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2002 Second painting, galerija Miklova hiša, Ribnica (Slovenia)
2002 Reboot, Kiber pipa, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2002 8. International computer festival, Maribor (Slovenia)
2001 10. Biennial of the young artists of Europe and Mediterranean, Sarajevo (BIH)
2001 7. International computer festival, Maribor (Slovenia)
2001 26.International Saloon of Youth, Zagreb (Croatia)

Contact information:
E-mail: saso.sedlacek@email.si

In the art action Picnic on a dump initiated by Sašo Sedlaček, a group of artists expose themselves to the extreme environment of the city dump area. Through various actions from daily life they show how the rules of body and environment hygiene do not remove the problem, but rather only push it aside and hide it away from the eyes of the public: at the dump we can throw rubbish on the floor, a sink for disposing used water is not needed. The fact that the existing ideals and norms for cleanliness are completely fantasmatic is even further emphasized by the inscription extending on the rubbish hill of the Ljubljana dump: Hollywood.