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Polona Tratnik: In-time, installation in process, 2005

Polona Tratnik was born in 1976 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. She is doing her doctor's degree on philosophy and theory of visual culture at the Faculty for humanistic studies in Koper, Slovenia. She has received a master's degree in sculpture at the Academy for Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2001. She graduated from painting at the same academy in 1999. She has finished a course for curators, organized by Soros center for contemporary art in 1998. From 2002 to 2004 she worked as an independent cultural worker. She has been occupied with editing and publishing - she has edited and published a book Spaces/Places of Art. She was a co-editor of the Slovenian art magazine Art Words and an editor of Horizons, a magazine for the philosophy and theory of art. From the 1997 she has been organizing lectures and colloquiums on aesthetics, contemporary art and culture. She is an active member of Slovenian Society of Aesthetics. As an artist she has widely exhibited from 1998 on solo and group exhibitions - in Slovenia and abroad: first as a painter, then as a multimedia artist and finally as a bio-artist. In the last two years she has participated on some major exhibition events: L'Art Biotech (2003 Nantes, France), Breakthrough (2004 Den Haag, the Netherlands), Biennial of Electronic Art (2004 Perth, Australia) and The seven sins; Ljubljana - Moscow (2004 Ljubljana, Slovenia).

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The multimedia artist Polona Tratnik used an original, interactive approach, including in her art work the creativity and thoughts of the curators as they were making the selection of their personal items. In contrast with the more sterile society, which uses various cosmetic products to destroy micro-organisms, the art work In-time offers a space where, in conditions of suitable humidity and temperature, bacteria grow in transparent jars, representing macrocosmic relations on a micro level.