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Tanja Vujinović and Zvonka Simčić: Plasma by Stigmata, posters, perfumes, Cryo.
Plasma, perfume samples, self-adherent vinyl inscription, 2003

Tanja Vujinović and Zvonka Simčič are an art tandem recognized internationally for their works. They have been working together exclusively since 2002 and have exhibited extensively both in Europe and internationally. Their video films, digital prints and computer-driven installations have been exhibited at numerous museums, galleries, media and film festivals, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Kunst Palast Museum Düesseldorf, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg; Kunsthaus Meran in Italy and the Medienturm International Forum, Graz, Austria. Their works have been included in collective exhibitions such as the Euroscreen21 project, Zero Visibility, Ctheory Multimedia NetNoise and Web Biennial Istanbul.
They also run an independent art production institution. Since 2002 within the framework of Automata, they have produced numerous multimedia projects and exhibitions.

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Tanja Vujinović and Zvonka Simčič in their installation Plasma by Stigmata show in a tragicomical way the complexity of the issues, dealing with the limited understanding of cleanliness. Plasma by Stigmata is a fake perfume, imaginary smell, unreal product, directing us to think about the fake identities, offered to us by artificial smells and other cosmetic products. On the advertising posters for the perfume we are presented with the "perfect woman", combining the ideals of a film star icon and a Renaissance painting. Therefore this segment of contemporary man's identity isn't based on the system of ideas, but is defined rather with beauty - it is not meant, it is seen. In this sense identity is also a social position, for the realization of the external image requires incessant consumption of products and great financial power.