ATOM2, A je TO! uMetnost, phAntom TO Mindset

World of Art, School for curators and critics of contemporary art (SCCA – Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts)
and Postgraduate Curatorial studies of Institute Cultural Studies in the Arts (Zürich Art University)

January 2011–June 2012

About the project ATOM2

ATOM2 project focuses on training future curators, cultural critics and journalists, the organization of their interaction, to exchange their best practices and experiences and to publishing their work. It offers a methodology, curriculum modules and support for future curators, cultural critics and journalists on reflecting on contemporary art so that it would no longer be a misunderstood phantom, but it would become commonplace in the mindset of the general public.

With partners from Switzerland and associated partners from Slovenia we will investigate, record, analyze and evaluate the curatorial and critical practices in both places, which will affect the development of necessary mechanisms of the art world. It is also important to have one of our target groups consist of prospective curators and critics, which, already in the process of learning, we will equip with key skills and methods on how to responsibly tackle the complex issues in contemporary art. Thus, the effects will be disseminated and will reflect through their future actions. With our associated partners from Slovenia we will prepare the environment for fruitful networking of students who will have access to the each-other’s art scene, giving them the capability to produce more objective perspective on their own situation at home. At the same time they will participate in opening and analysis of key issues in the field of curatorial and critical practices. We will put examples of good practice on display in the mini series of lectures that will be addressed to the general public, and will bring in the testimonials of experts from Slovenia and Switzerland, who will present examples of good practice, while putting them in a broader context.

We will reach even wider. Internet Magazine Special Issue On.Curating (otherwise the work of our Swiss partners), which focuses on issues of curatorial practice and theory, will intervene at the intersection of related topics of both cultural areas (Slovenia and Switzerland) and will thus not only present examples of good practice, but also place them in the broader theoretical framework. Anthology The dilemma of curatorial practice, implies completion of a systematic and applied work on filling big gaps in the theoretical treatment of contemporary art issues, with particular reference to socially conscious and urban projects. It brings wider applicability and provides referance – permanent usefulness in study and practical applications and uses. This is a publication of results of systematic work, which includes both the artists and theorists, and which will be practically useful for both the artistic and educational institutions and to the wider reading audience interested in contemporary art. Journal and Anthology will open, explore and develop many key topics that will remain one of the key materials for future researchers, curators, critics, theorists in the field of art and social practices as well as general audience merely interested in contemporary art.


In Zürich within Postgraduate Curatorial studies of Institute Cultural Studies in the Arts (Zürich Art University):

In Ljubljana within World of Art, School for curators and critics of contemporary art, SCCA-Ljubljana:

Zbornik V precepu kuratorskih praks


Title: The dilemma of curatorial practice

Editor: Saša Nabergoj
Assistent: Simona Žvanut

Published in June 2012.

Study excursions

Zürich in Ljubljana: 14–16 March 2012
Accompanying program (pdf)
[only for participants of 14th year of World of Art, students of the post-graduated program in curating from Zürich and participants of school for contemporary art journalistic critiques in Zagreb.]

Saša Nabergoj with Majo Alibegović, Majo Antončič, Lenko Đorojević, Jasno Jernejšek, Miho Kelemino, Darijo Kovačič, Nino Skumavc, Nino Sotelšek, Denisom Volkom
Design: Maja Alibegović

Fotodnevnik Zürich v Ljubljani: 14.–16. marec 2012

Ljubljana in Zürich: 18–21 April 2012
Accompanying program (pdf)
[for participants of 14th year of World of Art and students of the Post-graduated program in curating from Zürich]
Prepared by: Dimitrina Sevova



Exhibition of Ready to Print art editions, opening lecture (Dorothee Richter)

Prepared by: Saša Nabergoj
Assistents: Simona Žvanut, Miha Kelemina
MGLC, 15. 3. 2012–25. 3. 2012

Artists: Brigit Brenner, Dani Gal, Guerilla Girls, Clare Kenny, Lucie Kolb, Monochrom, Ana Roldán, Shirana Shahbazi, Riikka Tauriainen

Opening lecture: Dorothe Richter: Artists and Curators as Authors – Competitors, Collaborators, or Teamworkers?, at 19.00, MGLC, Ljubljana. Lecture was in english.
Dorothee Richter questioned artistic and curatorial authorship and tried to place it in broader historical frame. Are artists and curators competitors at taking the grants for authorship in contemporary art? Did curators adopted the process of artistic self-organization? If they really did, what are the consequences? Are artists and curators co-workers on the field which is little undefined and more flexible and open as such?

In 2011 participants of the Zürich curatorial program in the frame of Editions – Ready to Print 13 (16 x A4) = A0 x 13 project asked thirteen artists of different backgrounds and formal interests to produce PDF editions. Each artist has created a work on paper consisting of 16 pages in the A4 format, most of which will be assembled on the exhibition to form single two-dimensional pieces of work in the A0 format. These contemporary editions are distributed on the internet and can be downloaded for free from the web journal under the address, issue 10. The editions are accessible to anyone worldwide who has a computer, printer and some sticky tape.

The project Editions – Ready to Print 13 (16 x A4) = A0 x 13 is particularly interested in the format of editions as a democratic model of art distribution. It sees historical connections to the multiples and editions produced by artists in the 1960s who symbolically established mail order warehouses and the fluxus artists who presented art and limited edition objects in shop windows. The idea is to separate art from its auratic elevation and make it accessible to everyone.

Students of the post-graduated program in curating from Zürich and participants of World of Art, School for contemporary art in Ljubljana and participants of school for contemporary art journalistic critiques in Zagreb prepared interesting and diverse accompanying program: conversations focused on pre-prepared topics, program of study visits in Ljubljana’s art institutions and lectures.

Concept of the project: Ready to Print: Dorothee Richter, Andrea Roca with Milena Brendle, Chantal Bron, Melanie Buechel, Jeannine Herrmann, Amber Hickey, Sonja Hug, Garance Massart-Blum, Candida Pestana, Corinne Rinaldis, Dimitrina Sevova, Lindsey Sharman, Catrina Sonderegge

Photo gallery:

Press kliping (.doc)

International web-journal

On.Curating Issue 14

The project concludes with special issue of an international web-journal On.Curating (published by the Postgraduate Curatorial Studies of Institute Cultural Studies in the Arts), focusing on questions around curatorial practice and theory.

Issue 14, edited by Saša Nabergoj and Dorothee Richter, presents the selection of articles taken from the World of Art Archive of lectures and conversations from 1997 till today under the title From the World of Art Archive. Texts, conversations that we have compiled from an archive of school’s diverse activities are bringing together a variety of curatorial approaches, reflections and questions dealing with the potential and impact of curatorial and critical practice in the shifting grounds of the world of art in the last 15 years. All of them were first published in the World of Art Anthologies and are still available on our archive web page.
In this issue one can read contributions from internationally active curators, critics, theoreticians and artists: Boris Buden, Eda Čufer, Clémentine Deliss, Charles Esche, Charles Harrison, Mike Hentz, Oliver Marchart, Suzana Milevska, Saša Nabergoj and Dorothee Richter, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja, WHW, Miha Zadnikar.

You can also order printed Issue 14.



Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts
Co-production: Postgraduate Curatorial studies of Institute Cultural Studies in the Arts (Zürich Art University)

Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union

Swiss Contribution

Thanks: International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

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