Photo Gallery

Final exhibition of 15th generation of the World of Art, School for Curators and Critics of Contemporary Art
26 May–15 July 2016
Škuc Gallery, Stari trg 21, Ljubljana

Personal. Layout of the exhibition (Škuc Gallery, 26 May 2016–15 July 2016)
Photo: Dejan Habicht

Opening of the exhibition Personal (Škuc Gallery, 26 May 2016)
Photo: Matija Brumen

Guided tour by curators Hana Ostan Ožbolt and Katarina Stopar, 31 May 2016
Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive

Guided tour by curator Mojca Sfiligoj, 7 June 2016
Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive

Guided tour by curator Hana Ostan Ožbolt for the students of ECM curatorial programme (edicating/curating/managing; University of Applied Arts Vienna), 25 June 2016
Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive

Blindfolded guided tour has been modeled after Neža Knez’s project Other View, 23 June 2016; Workshop with the pupils of Secondary School of Design and Photography, 20 June 2016
Photo: Škuc Gallery archive

Presentation of the exhibition catalogue and guided tour by curators Petra Bole, Nina Jesih, Mojca Sfiligoj and Katarina Stopar, 12 July 2016
Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana archive

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