Lenka Đorojević and Maja Antončič prepared an exhibition in Likovni salon Celje


No. 837456-9305.00

14. 3.–28. 4. 2013
Likovni salon Celje

Cube No. 837456-9305.00, surrounded by graphic images, is a spatial graphic installation that, by using a seemingly simple idea of dealing with graphic art as a direction of art, opens an insight into the essence and extension of the medium, at a time when contemporary art practice is expanding the traditional notions of art genres and techniques over and over again. Artist Lenka Đorojević, who is just finishing her postgraduate studies in Printmaking in Ljubljana, thinks about printmaking as a technique with its own laws of intention and chance, as manipulation of physical and conceptual content, that includes a physical effort of production, while also in the sense of a mantra of repetition, differentiation, disintegration, in terms of the original and the copy. By means of scenic extension, she attempts to penetrate into the essence of printmaking, as she experiences it herself in relation to other art forms and phenomena.

The outside of the cube is surrounded by the same framed images, produced in various printmaking techniques (aquatint, etching, drypoint, collagraphy, vernis mou …) and using commercial modes of reproduction (screen-printing, photocopying, digital printing). The artist complements individual graphic prints by using the concept of the ready-made and assemblage. She addresses the issue of reproduction and the original by encroaching into her own multiplied original work so that a collage-like façade of personal stories is produced, sorts of mental manifestoes, since the formation of the shell is also tied to the timeline of her creativity and life. The interior of the cube, with its interference of sound and light, into which visitors are to enter individually, is the opposite of the exterior. It is a staged reflection on the essence of multidimensional expansion of the graphic medium, which in contrast to the external social principle, allows isolation and consideration.

“I explore the field of contemporary graphic expression, its impact on the development of contemporary methods of perception, the construction of a position of the individual within society under the principles of multiplication and repeated reproduction, the various factors affecting visual perception (through the form of standardization of the format of the works themselves and the density of their presence on the walls, creating a view of the hyper-sensorial, oversaturated world of the visual image), as well as the position of contemporary printmaking in relation to other modes of artistic expression (painting, sculpture, installation, theatre).”

Through a fascination with numbers (the title of the exhibition, the titles of the individual works, etc.), where the denominations do not signify a sequential system, but nevertheless act as identifiers of graphic products, she redefines the seriality of artistic production. The artist tries to disclose what makes up our sensibility in contemporary society, questioning the role of the individual, of his “impression” in the discourse of the constant intertwining of culture, art and society.
Is repetition the creation of something new or is it in a sense the archiving of one-self?


Lenka Đorojević (1982)
Born in Nikšić, Montenegro. Graduated in 2008 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the same year she undertook further study at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg. She is in the process of completing her master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, while she has also completed her two year elective course in Scenography at the Ljubljana Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. She exhibits in Slovenia and abroad, and is also involved in theatre productions with her set designs.

Photo: Andraž Purg

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