Presentation of the Day by Day, exhibition catalogue/zine


Friday, 10th April 2015, 5.30 p. m.
Hiša kulture v Pivki, Snežniška cesta 2, Pivka

You are cordially invited to the presentation of Day by Day, an exhibition catalogue/zine made by Neža Jurman and Leon Zuodar.

The zine has been issued by the publishing house Beli sladoled books & zines that was founded in 2011 by Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar and is situated in the Hiša kulture (House of Culture) in Pivka.

On that occasion Saša Nabergoj and Simona Žvanut, curators of the exhibition, and the artists will discuss the creative process that led to the art publication/zin.

More about the exhibition Day by Day.

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