Vesna Čopič: Cultural Policy and the Status of Artist

World of Art | School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing | Year 16

If the independent activity of the artists was once exceptional and followed as a consequence of the nature of their work – essentially that there are no work positions for writers, composers and artists – we are today witnessing a shift to systematic engagement of the artists. This reversal has many features and brings many consequences both for the younger generations, who have thus not been given the opportunity to enter into permanent employment relationships, as for people who are in fact employed as civil servants, but whose situation similarly does not stand as a sustainable or viable solution. The two-hour lecture will focus on the qualification status of the artist, its features and the challenges posed by the shift from artists on the art.

Vesna ČopičVesna Čopič lectures cultural policy and cultural management at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She is the author of several studies, laws and measures in the field of Slovenian cultural policy in recent decades. She lectured at many international conferences in Slovenia and abroad in recent years. She is critical towards Slovenian cultural policy and its unsurpassed legacies of the previous system. She also works as an international consultant, in recent years for the UNESCO.

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