Dušan Dovč: Producer in Contemporary Art

World of Art | School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing | Year 16

In a conversation between two producers, Dušan Dovč and a guest, we will present, what are the tasks of the producer in contemporary art.

  • Producer in an institution: What is the contribution of the producer to a project respectively and what tasks does he carry out. For example, content and technical preparation for the project, selection of exhibition space (co-production agreement), the financing of the project, coordination with the artists and authors of the project, coordination of promotion of the project, the project documentation. We will focus on an institution that operates in the field of contemporary art with basic exhibition activity, but does not have its own exhibition space. We will also examine, what is the difference between a co-producer and co-organizer.
  • Producer and/or curator: What is the cooperation between producers and curators? Is the producer also the curator and vice versa? When are their tasks separated and when integrated?
  • Producer as a profession: At a time when some jobs in the register of self-employed in culture are becoming jeopardized, we will discuss how to gain entry in the register of self-employed in the culture as a producer. What are the conditions and what does the entry in the register bring?

Photogallery (Photo: SCCA-Ljubljana Archive)

Dušan DovčDušan Dovč (1973)
Graduated in literature and Slovene language at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. His first working experiences in the art sector he gained at Emzin, Institute for Creative Production and Arts Magazine as an editor and head of the projects (1997−2002), continued at Pristop, consultancy and communications company as an assistant for public relations (June-December 2003). Since 2004 he is employed at SCCA−Ljubljana as a production manager, responsible for coordination, public relations and fundraising. At SCCA−Ljubljana he is also a member of a physical and web archive of video art DIVA Station and coordinates No Nails, No Pedestals program. He is active in the filed of cultural policy (a member of an expert group on mobility information standards at the European Commission, May−December 2011, a member of management board at Asociacija, Association of Arts and Culture NGOs and Freelancers, Ljubljana since 2009).

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