Golden Award the Apple of Quality for World of Art


his year the Apple of Quality (in the category Leonardo da Vinci – Partnership) was awarded to SCCA–Ljubljana: World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts.

Photo: Boris Pretnar

The World of Art, School for Critics and Curators of Contemporary Art is the program in Slovenia and the broader region of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe aimed towards practical and theoretical education in the field of contemporary arts. We upgrade educational process each year with international collaborations. Between September 2010 and June 2012 SCCA–Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana conceived and led an international project World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts. We are proud and happy to inform you that this project got the Golden award the Apple of Quality on December 11, 2013.

National awards The Apple of Quality are presented by the RS Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Centre of Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes (CMEPIUS) and are given to the best closing project of the European Lifelong Learning Programme (partnership Leonardo da Vinci), which has been the central program of the EU in the field of education and training in period 2007–2013.


The project World of Art. Models of training and collaboration in contemporary arts was led in a systematic way and with a clear vision. The participating partners have all contributed to the development and exchange of new knowledge. The communication was effective and led to a constructive collaboration. The partnership essentially added to a better knowledge missed particularly by the students in the field of curatorial studies, art critics, museology studies and art journalism. The project used innovative tools which enabled new approaches at future work, and also initiated new models of professional training. While the gained knowledge is of great value to the future projects of the partners, the project itself has enabled the development of functional and active platform for curators in contemporary arts and their future international network.

Explanation (in Slovene) (pdf)

Apples of Quality 2013

Photo: Boris Pretnar

Expert jury has been evaluating projects on the merits of four criteria, which follow the aims of the European Lifelong Learning Programme: justification of the project, management of the project, results of the project and durability of the project.

Awarded projects reflect main priorities of the European Lifelong Learning Programme, stand out with their content, international collaboration and integrating diverse partners. Projects are also achieving important results for individuals, organisations and general public. In this light awarded projects are the cases of good practice.

Awarded projects 2013:

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